Reading Tutoring & Enrichment

The process of reading involves much more than decoding words.  The ability to read well incorporates fluent or smooth reading and comprehension or understanding what was read.  

Reading sessions address the various components of literacy from the acquisition of basic reading skills to vocabulary, comprehension skills, and even spelling/written expression.

For individuals identified as dyslexic, I use the Orton-Gillingham approach – a non-scripted, multi-sensory methodology focused on explicit instruction of the language elements.  

I draw upon 20+ years in education, 10+ of those years in dyslexia intervention, to create and implement individualized lessons.

Individual or small group sessions are available.  Session frequency and duration are determined on a case by case basis. Updates provided for parents and teachers upon request.

I am a TEA approved SSES Provider. Not familiar with SSES – it’s a one time grant for students to receive summer services. Check out the application.


  • Dyslexia Evaluations
  • Private School Admission Testing
  • Psycho-educational Evaluations
  • Gifted-Talented Evaluation

Assessments are conducted using norm-referenced, widely accepted evaluation tools. Dyslexia evaluations include subtests from the KTEA-3, CTOPP-2, & GORT-5, and eligibility is determined utilizing the guidelines laid out in the TEA Dyslexia handbook. A comprehensive report including all scores, dyslexia eligibility determination per TEA guidelines, and instructional/accommodation recommendations is provided – as is a 30 minute evaluation review session with parents/guardians.

Professional Development

Customized workshops are available for teachers, parents, and other professionals who intersect with education. Topics have included: Dyslexia Intervention Strategies (15 hours), Understanding the FIE (1-2 hours), Explicit Instruction (3-5 hours), Universal Design for Learning (3-6 hours), Writing an IEP (2-4 hours), and The ARD Process (2-4 hours).

TEA CEUs are available for certified teachers. Certificates provided upon completion of all sessions and submission of deliverables as applicable.


Understanding the Full and Individual Evaluation (FIE) navigating the referral, assessment and ARD/504 process can be overwhelming. Advocacy should be a collaborative endeavor. Whether in the consultant or advocate role, I’ll be there for every step so your child receives supports and services via a smooth and stress-free process.

When we started working with Hope, our daughter was struggling and we didn’t know how to help her. Hope assessed the situation and got to work. Looking back, it’s hard to believe how far we’ve come. We went from an end of year first grader reading well below grade level, coming home saying things like “I’m so stupid, I can’t even read”, to a confident, more independent, reading above grade level 3rd grader. We couldn’t have done it without Ms. Wills. Every step of the way she has communicated with us, advocated for our daughter and has gone above and beyond in so many other ways. 

Drs. Amber and Jared Burks

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